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We were so pleased to receive a note out of the blue via our spa friends in Bali that Singapore model Tui Sang mentioned she love using our sponge. Tui had this to say:

My obsession with ‘Bamboo Charcoal’ from not.a.sponge*

I have been lucky in my 16 years of modelling to have walked away from every shoot with more than just a picture and a pay packet. The bonuses are sometimes in the form of a new experience, visiting an awesome place, meeting someone great or getting to try new products. This week it came in the form of the latter. My client introduced me to ‘ the bamboo charcoal sponge’ from not.a.sponge*. I personally have hard time with keeping my skin at bay and it’s not helped by the layers of blotting powder that sit on the skin for hours under heat when I work.

 The eternal search for a daily exfoliant that doesn’t strip your skin of life and then require you reload it with serums and moisturisers has come to an end. I can honestly say that my skin feels totally cleansed of grime and so far it’s provided me with just the right amount of moisture to require no further action……….ideal for breakout prone skin in the tropics!!!! All that coupled with the fact that its 100% natural, biodegrable and comes in matter of fact packaging………..I’m Obsessed!


Tui Looking Glowing

Tui - on the front cover of Asian Geographic

Tui - Au Naturale in Bali




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