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This week we seeked the help of a chap to give us his view on what it takes to get skin smooth and sexy post shave! 

As every chap knows (and if ever needs reminding – a quick browse of any edition of the excellent The Chap magazine  will suffice) taking ones time to look ones utmost should be deemed as a necessity, not a luxury, and nowhere is this more true than the ritual of ones daily shave.

Now while there is no shortage of excellent material on both the required equipment and perfecting ones technique for the perfect shave (The Dandy Gents’ advice on the art of shaving at the Grey Fox Blog being a good example) there is one little innovation I’ve taken to, that I find really adds an extra something to my well-groomed visage - that is  - a firm, but gentle, post shave/pre balm rub with my manly sounding Bamboo Charcoal not.a.sponge* and a little warm water.

The resulting finish and perhaps also removing those little bits of extra grime that even the most careful chap doesn’t always pick up is a smoothness and lustre otherwise unobtainable, rather like that extra buff you always get with a professional shoe shine (Burlington Arcade, London is the only place for this) which you can never quite match at home.

So whether your razor of choice is a Mach 3, a safety or a cut throat (although if the latter I’d suggest you take The Chap’s advice and have your blood group tattooed on you somewhere it will be seen), a quick once over with your Bamboo Charcoal not.a.sponge* will make all the difference and have you swooning so much so that the next time she cheekily asks to borrow your razor to do her pins, she’ll no doubt be after your not.a.sponge* as well.  

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