Maggie Gunning, co-founder Maggie Gunning

Maggie is a spa expert who has been wowing the spa and beauty business for over 25 years creating highly desired spa concepts for an array of 5 star Hotels and Resorts mostly in Asia. Over this time, she has learned a thing or two about spas, health and wellness and was selected to be a judge for the Asia/Australia category for the prestigious World Spa Awards from 2012 to date.

Maggie is an advocate for all things natural … her commitment to staying  fit and healthy inside and out are a reality that is sometimes challenging in today's world, so she is not opposed to a little help from science and technology. In conjunction with organic and or natural products Maggie encourages people to ‘keep it real’.

Whilst she has a wealth of knowledge within the spa/beauty field, being trained as a therapist and previously being an expert trainer herself, she’s not shy at enlisting the help of her professional spa friends who have a deeper expertise in such subjects as nutrition, personal training, yoga, pilates   etc to ensure the job gets done!

She loves scouring the world to find the latest remedies to stimulate and support the body to reach its full potential….it is a true passion of hers.


Jane Quinn, co-founder Jane Quinn

Glowing with passion and rich in expertise, Jane Quinn brings to each of her enterprises a Midas touch. As a sage spa and hospitality veteran, Jane has launched products that attract a magnetic devotion from the globe’s most discerning women and men – CEO’s, supermodels, royalty and frequent luxury travellers.

Previously as co-founder of Per Aquum Resorts, Spas and Residences as well as Group Director of the Per Aquum Spa Collection, Quinn oversaw the development and implementation of the spa brands at each stage. In creating these successful brands over the past several years, she has gained inside knowledge that keeps her at the top of the hospitality, spa and retail industries, with continual lifelines to the next big thing.

Two crowning achievements amongst a portfolio of imaginative undertakings include the flagship brands of the Per Aquum Spa Collection. These spas operate in luxury boutique resorts throughout the Indian Ocean and Middle East and have raked in a number of awards, from the Conde ́Nast Hot Lists to Spa Asia Crystal Awards.

Quinn’s extraordinary breadth of spa/lifestyle industry experience, in combination with her immense personal drive, magnetism and passion, renders her a catalyst, for activating and elevating her projects to their highest possible level. Jane was also selected to sit on the panel of judges for the highly acclaimed World Spa Awards 2012/2013.

Jane’s interest and passion in developing the not.a.sponge* line with co-founder Maggie, is just the start of the growth strategy for the ‘not.a.*’ cult brand! They aim to find niche products that will give an instant benefit to their brand followers whilst having fun doing it!